TV Schedule

08.00 AM (60 Minutes)
The Crocodile Hunter Greatest Crocodile Captures TV-G, CC Take a look at some of Steve and Terri's most hair-raising crocodile captures over the past few years. Each capture requires different skills and techniques to stay one step ahead of the deadly jaws.
09.00 AM (60 Minutes)
Dirty Jobs (Season 5) Animal Relocator TV-PG, CC Mike travels to De Kalb, Mississippi, to spend a day at an old-fashioned stone ground corn mill. Then he heads to Wills Point, Texas, to help relocate a pair of exotic Pere David's deer.
10.00 AM (60 Minutes)
Dirty Jobs (Season 4) Animal Control Specialist TV-PG, CC Mike heads to southern California to work as an Animal Control Specialist by removing stinky skunks and other wildlife that live underneath and around peoples' homes.
11.00 AM (60 Minutes)
Dirty Jobs (Season 4) Cricket Farmer TV-PG, CC Mike travels to Augusta, Georgia to spend a day working on a cricket farm to help breed, capture and package the critters. Then he offers never-before-seen footage of his visit to the Oasis Camel Dairy and his job as a camel rancher.
12.00 PM (60 Minutes)
Dirty Jobs (Season 4) Sled Dog Breeder TV-PG, CC Mike ventures out to discover what it takes to breed and train sled dogs at the Happy Trails Kennels in Big Lake, Alaska.
01.00 PM (60 Minutes)
Dirty Jobs (Season 4) Camel Rancher TV-PG, CC Mike heads to a unique dairy farm in Ramona, CA where he learns how to milk, care for and breed dromedary camels.