TV Schedule

06.00 AM (30 Minutes)
Orangutan Island River's Rewards TV-G, CC Nadi's life hangs by a thread after her encounter with the deadly pit viper, as the vet team begins treatment. Meanwhile, the dry season has transformed the island's landscape, and the river banks now tower above the river providing a new playground.
06.30 AM (30 Minutes)
Escape to Chimp Eden Josephine's Day Out TV-PG, CC Josephine escapes from the adult enclosure, but fortunately stays nearby and takes refuge in the volunteers break room. A minute-by-minute chronicle of her latest adventure, as recounted by Eugene, Phillip and cameraman Willem van Heerden.
07.00 AM (30 Minutes)
Big Cat Diary Half Tail's New Cubs TV-G, CC Simon King and Jonathan Scott continue to follow a family of leopards, lions and cheetahs. Encounter a real life animal soap opera of a serval family, a rare view of small cats in this big cat diary.
07.30 AM (30 Minutes)
Big Cat Diary Overly-Ambitious Cheetah Cubs TV-G, CC Life is good for the lions who have pitched up on the western fringes of the Marsh Pride's territory. Jonathan looks on as the lionesses in the group stalk and kill a zebra foal.
08.00 AM (60 Minutes)
The Crocodile Hunter Sharks: Outside the Cage TV-G, CC Steve Irwin ventures into the oceans around Australia to study many of the more placid and harmless sharks. Among the "friendly" species he encounters, nothing compares to the spine chilling experience of being confronted by dozens of huge Nurse Sharks.
09.00 AM (60 Minutes)
Animal Cops Houston The Big Cases TV-PG, CC It's a special edition of Animal Cops Houston where the investigators of the Houston SPCA look back on some of their biggest cases.