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Wayde and Brett head back to Rollin Smoke Barbecue to address some issues that have come up with the barbecue-themed tank they built a while back.
Following the antics of two brothers-in-law as they run the largest aquarium manufacturing company in the nation, Tanked dunks viewers into the high-decibel, family-owned business of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM). Led by business partners, best friends and constant rivals Wayde King and Brett Raymer, this 13,000 square foot facility, located in Las Vegas, produces some of the most outrageous, larger-than-life and one-of-a-kind tanks for some of the most striking fish and clients around.
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Friday Nov 28 02.00 PM (60Minutes)
Tanked: Unfiltered (Season 4) Shark Buffet! TV-PG, CC Wayde and Brett travel to the heart of Alabama to build a giant center bar aquarium for the owners of Creek Casino. This tank marks ATM’s 10,000th tank and one of the largest they’ve ever built!
Friday Nov 28 03.00 PM (60Minutes)
Tanked: Unfiltered (Season 4) Tanks on Tap TV-PG, CC The Las Vegas Museum of Natural History brings Brett and Wayde in to create a new interactive exhibit- an aquarium in the shape of a carousel, but instead of horses this carousel will be filled with seahorses!
Friday Nov 28 04.00 PM (60Minutes)
Tanked (Season 4) NASCAR and Baseball Champions Tanks! TV-PG, CC NASCAR Champion Ryan Newman brings in ATM to build a functional desk aquarium for his animal shelter in Statesville, NC. Boston Red Sox star Shane Victorino asks the guys to build a Hawaiian themed tank.
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