TV Schedule

05.30 PM (30 Minutes)
Call of the Wildman: More Live Action! (Season 2) 12 Angry Pigeons TV-PG, CC Turtleman must remove the flock from a jobsite where workers are cleaning up bird feces. Then, a caretaker finds a critter living under her log cabin, and Turtleman must relocate it before the foundation collapses!
06.00 PM (60 Minutes)
Dirty Jobs (Season 4) Diaper Cleaner TV-PG, CC Mike journeys to Queen Creek, Arizona to press olives into oil and then heads to Sacramento, California to clean dirty diapers.
07.00 PM (60 Minutes)
Dirty Jobs (Season 5) Asphalt Paver TV-PG, CC Mike travels to Nebraska to take a shot at paving roads. Then he replies to a mailbag question about his favorite animal and recalls the time he crossed paths with a crossbreed Tiliger in Texas.
08.00 PM (61 Minutes)
Dirty Jobs (Season 5) Hair Fairy TV-PG, CC Mike climbs high up on Jelm Mountain in Wyoming to help change out an old wooden power pole and replace it with a new metal version. Then he visits the Hair Fairies in his hometown of San Francisco where he learns all about hair lice removal.
09.01 PM (61 Minutes)
Dirty Jobs (Season 6) (61-min) Barber's Assistant TV-PG, CC Mike travels to Mobile, Alabama to work with an old school barber and learn some of the tricks of the hair cutting trade. Then he stops by the Ostrom Road Landfill in northern California to spend the day working as a landfill operator.
10.02 PM (61 Minutes)
Dirty Jobs (Season 6) (61-min) Water Softener Technician TV-PG, CC Mike travels to Moorhead, Minnesota, to work as a water softener technician. Then he heads to the Westin St. Francis hotel in San Francisco where he takes on the job of a coin washer.