TV Schedule

06.00 AM (30 Minutes)
Orangutan Island We Are Family TV-G, CC Exhausted from her motherly duties with baby Hardi, Kiki will never get a break unless she decides to let the other females do the unthinkable-babysit! Meanwhile, vulnerable Mangis is put to the test.
06.30 AM (30 Minutes)
Escape to Chimp Eden Tony's Brighter Day TV-PG, CC Tony's cataract has left him sightless in one eye. The only option is an unprecedented surgery to remove the cataract and implant a manufactured synthetic lens. If the operation fails, Tony's prospects for a normal life will be grim.
07.00 AM (30 Minutes)
Big Cat Diary The Ridge Pride TV-G, CC There is a rare moment of peace as all the Ridge Pride of Lions come together. Kike the Cheetah's cubs will be fully equipped to go out on their own in a few months and Bella the Leopard has given her cub Chui a good start. Chui's determined to make it.
07.30 AM (30 Minutes)
Big Cat Diary Little Toto TV-G, CC In Kenya's Masai Mara Natural Reserve, little cheetah cub Toto gets separated from its mother and wanders dangerously through the tall grasses alone in an area filled with opportunistic predators such as hyenas, lions, and baboons.
08.00 AM (60 Minutes)
The Crocodile Hunter Steve's Story TV-G, CC Get an exclusive look into the action-packed, personal world of Steve Irwin. Find out how the Crocodile Hunter grew up learning about wildlife, retrace his early years catching crocodiles and discover how he met and married Terri.