TV Schedule
08.00 PM (60 Minutes)
Dirty Jobs (Season 5) Sponge Diver TV-PG, CC Mike heads to Tarpon Springs, Florida to help collect sponges off the sea floor. Then he answers viewer mail and recounts his struggle with a metal fence post at an abandoned mine.
09.00 PM (60 Minutes)
Dirty Jobs (Season 6) Onion Processor TV-PG, CC Mike spends the day working as an onion processor at Gills Onions where he slices, dices and tastes onions before cleaning out the juicing machine and parts of the reactor. Then he visits the San Francisco Fire Department to help build wooden ladders.
10.00 PM (60 Minutes)
Dirty Jobs (Season 6) Barber's Assistant TV-PG, CC Mike travels to Mobile, Alabama to work with an old school barber and learn some of the tricks of the hair cutting trade. Then he stops by the Ostrom Road Landfill in northern California to spend the day working as a landfill operator.
11.00 PM (60 Minutes)
Dirty Jobs Termite Controller TV-14, CC Mike steps into the shoes of a concrete spreader for some curb side and sidewalk foundation. He reunites with the Vexcon exterminator crew to wage war against millions of termites that have attacked a local church and chips concrete out of giant mixers.
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